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one and a half

Creators of animation in Cyprus

Cyprus Peace Dividend - Animated videos and infographics

Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) wanted to reach the general public with information from their EU funded economic forecast report on the benefits of a solution to the Cyprus Problem. We worked with Annamations to create animated videos and infographics that would be approachable and engaging while contributing to the dissemination of the report. These were translated in English, Greek and Turkish and were targeted for the general population of Cyprus.



The challenge for this project was to understand the 4 year research and the important information PRIO intended to deliver through this content. Moreover, as the Cyprus Problem/Solution is a delicate subject in the domestic and international political, social and economic areas, we had to consider the imagery and interpretations that would be shown, as to not trigger negative reactions. We worked closely together spending hours on the phone with a lot of questions and analysis of the data and how these would be effectively visualised.



Produced and directed: one and a halfAnnamations.

Animation: Anna StylianidouYiannis Philiastides

Designs and Infographics: Christina KalliVictoria VardaAnna Stylianidou, Yiannis Philiastides.
Sound design: Manolis Manoli

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Infographics for Dissemination for research report for PRIO Cyprus

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