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one and a half

Creators of animation in Cyprus

Project Title

We teamed up with Digital World Studio to create the mobile game Jambas Dodge!

Jambas is the name of the little dinosaur dodging those alien bouncing balls. The game eases you in with the dynamics and controllers and suddenly gets very challenging. You can see all the expressions from the struggling dinsosaur, but also his little victory dances when completing each level. Also some dramatic ‘deaths’.
This was the first time exploring the needs of a game – even a simple one like this. We were involved right from the start, from brainstorming the type of game it could be, and revising that process many many times before finalising the idea. This could have been a very different game considering all the ideas pitched.

We had to figure out the best pipeline and how to make our artwork and animation work with Unity. It is a small and minimal game but was a lot of fun and rewarding project.

If you wish, you can go download the game here.

Produced: Digital World Studio.
Game Design: Digital World Studio + one and a half
Art Direction: one and a half
Animation and designs: Yiannis Philiastides

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