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one and a half

Creators of animation in Cyprus


We offer a range of services around animation, motion graphics and illustration.

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Explainer Videos

Visually describe in a concise and engaging way your ideas, products or services.

Artistically known as visual essays, and generally known as homepage or conversion videos, they are created to describe possibly complex ideas in simple, easily digestible and relatable short animated videos. These can range between 30 to 120 seconds.
Ideal for contemporary content marketing, they strategically place your company as the best solution to your audience’s pain-points.

Most explainer videos break down into 4 key points:
the problem
the solution
the key features
and how it works to the audiences benefit

Keeping the video short and engaging, while conveying all the necessary information, is key to a successful explainer.

The purpose of the video is to clearly communicate what you do to your viewers, and urge them to take the next step.

Video Series

A collection of informative videos with a general theme and goal.

These videos can fit into a long term marketing strategy with the goal to engage your viewers and community, to spark conversations, inform about the industry and create trust and appreciation for your brand.  Having a 3-4 part video series or more creates anticipation to your viewers training courses, and can provide a well rounded view of a subject or theme over smaller, more interesting snippets. These can also be easily shareable on social networking sites and other media.

Commercial Ads

Promote your company or product for TV, WEB or anywhere else.

Ideally these are around 30 seconds or less.
Advertisements are used to grab viewers attention, develop interest for your brand, and generate excitement for what you do.
Applicable for event promotion as well – giving only the necessary information about the event, and creating an emotional and intriguing buzz around it.

Educational Videos

Videos which aim to educate or inform specific audiences.

Establish your brand as an authority and contribute to your viewer’s learning.
Subjects and themes may be based on academic subjects, research and various industries.


These videos have a ‘giving’ nature, promote transparency, and tend to create trust and awareness towards your brand.

They can increase audience engagement by encouraging conversations and inquiries in the subject while also having an engaged and knowledgeable viewer-base.

*These can also be video series.

Pitching and Presentations

Impress your investors and stakeholders with an animated pitch.

Be efficient and inspirational with creative visuals in your presentations.

Save time for both you in communicating the message and your audience’s comprehension.

Internal Corporate Videos

Train your staff or communicate new policies and processes.

Internal videos can save precious time by compressing valuable information into a few minutes, that would otherwise require large text documents or long meetings to communicate with your staff. This way each member can be informed at their own pace and with not interfering with other tasks, or colleagues.

Other Animated Content

Small animations for web and social media use - funny loops, memes and animated buttons for your website. [.gifs .json .mp4]
Animated posters and infographics. - give life and other dimensions to your designed poster and data.
Logo Animation - shake your money maker! Add some animation to your logos that is inline with your brand identity and personality.


Infographics – present your research, thesis, data and statistics in a creative and visually engaging way.
Book covers – got a book that needs some judging by its cover? We got you covered!
Childrens’ books – let’s bring your stories to life, taking into account the target ages, concepts, and themes of your story.
Posters – designs for event posters, merchandise or gifts.
Character design and Mascot creation – creating personas for your brands to make you stand out from your competition, attract and connect with your customers,

Game Art

Characters. Designs. Assets. Animation.
Ads. Promotional and Trailer videos.

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