Once upon a time...

One and a half started out as a collaboration project between Yiannis and Niki in 2011.

In 2018 it officially evolved into a creative studio, with the intention of making meaningful work that adds value to its audience and impacts society.

Yiannis Philiastides

Director - Animator - Illustrator

Yiannis is the director at one and a half. 
He is an animator and illustrator with ten years of experience in creating content for animation in various fields.

Yiannis is a critical and creative thinker who wants any project to be the outcome of thorough research and thoughtful execution. In order to really understand the needs of a project, he asks questions until there are no more questions to ask—and his favourite question is ‘Why?’.

When Yiannis is out of the studio he can be found in UCLan Cyprus where he is an Associate Lecturer in Multimedia Production. 

He has a particular interest in psychology, economics, sociology, parenting and child development. Yiannis is a father to a 3-year-old boy with whom he constantly makes up stories. He likes to occasionally document and share their adventures through illustration and animation. 

In his free time, he enjoys supporting his local football team, plays semi-competitive 5-a-side football twice a week and tends to his small garden.

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Niki Zanti

Art Manager - Consultant

Niki consults on all matters of art and business at one and a half. By being a sounding board and an editor, she contributes to the creative development and production of the projects and oversees strategic planning and operations. But mostly, she helps answer the ‘Why’ questions that Yianni is always asking.

She earned a PhD in Arts Management with research that focused on professional practice in the arts and the creative industries. A new book entitled 'Contemporary Art from Cyprus' is being published by Bloomsbury in 2021, and with it, her chapter on ‘Becoming and Being a Visual Artist in the Republic Of Cyprus’, examining visual artists’ narratives, and the relationship between artistic production and the notion of the artist-identity. Niki is a practicing art consultant in the hospitality industry, curating collections of art that create unique art experiences. 

Niki uses her toddler’s need for activities that enhance his cognitive, learning, creative, and motor areas as an excuse to work on crafts herself, and cannot be trusted if left roaming in an arts and craft’s store. 

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