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Creators of animation in Cyprus

Research Communication

Our team at one and a half creates video, animation, illustration and infographics, to assist with your communication and dissemination of research.

They are ideal mediums to use for public engagement as they can draw in wide audiences with creative audiovisual experiences, examples, visualisations and storytelling.

Make an impact through creative visual solutions.

If your ultimate goal for your research is to have great impact on society, you will be looking to find the most efficient and effective ways in achieving this. When coming up with your communication and dissemination strategy you will have to consider a few things for each.As you may already know, there are significant differences between communication and dissemination.


A few of these considerations will be:


Who is your target audience? – other academics/scientists, industry professionals, policy makers,the media or the general public?

Where will you reach them? – through journals, conferences, media, government websites, project websites, TV, radio, social networks, events?

How will you reach them? – publication of papers and articles, presentations, direct emails, articles, blog posts, interviews, videos, animations, visualisations, infographics, comics, books, workshops?


If you want to share your work and findings with the world, use creative solutions like animated videos, infographics and illustrations.

These forms of communication stand out. They can visually simplify complex matters while keeping their subject interesting.


Animation for research communication and dissemination

Animated videos make your research memorable and clear.

Why use animated videos

Creative animated video can break through the noise of social media feeds with the use of stimulating and engaging visuals. And media outlets are more willing to pick it up and use it, as video has proven higher engagement and sharing rates than other mediums. (Source) It can also be placed anywhere online and on most screens.

Good animation has the ability to make your audience understand any subject in a few seconds. And you can use it to inspire and intrigue. Animation can introduce your audience in your projects world, give them stories and examples that they can relate to, visual reference to associate with. There is a reason why marketers use it all the time, and after all effective communication comes down to getting the word out on your research, which means good marketing.


But it is not only for communication! (wide audience)
It can be used for dissemination purposes.(specialised audience)


Video abstracts (like written abstracts) give an overview of your paper in a few minutes, drawing attention to and increasing readership of your research.

Expert scientific and accurate visualisations can be created to present a prototypes or illustrate concepts.

Custom presentations for academic and field related conferences can save both time for you in introducing your project and and your audience in understanding, enabling you to be efficient and memorable.

When to use animation

Whenever you want to communicate something with the world, you can use animated videos.

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your project and want to show your intentions and goals, or at the end and you want to explain your results and how it can impact society, or even throughout the research process if important discoveries are made and milestones are reached. At any stage, you may attract interest in your research and could even lead to unexpected input, collaboration and support. Consistently sharing information will keep your project relevant.

Promote and explain your research.

How does the process of making an animation work?

We are more than happy to explain how we can work together and what our process is. Ask us anything!

Call or send us an email! We are very interested in finding out what you do and how we can help you.

Below are some examples of animations created for communication and dissemination purposes for an economic forecast report in Cyprus.

These videos targeted the general public with the purpose of attracting the audience and directing them to the infographics and the written report on the organisations’ website. They were published on various Facebook groups and Twitter. You can find more information on this project here.

We want to help you share your research with the world.


We want to help you share your research with the world.


Illustration and Infographics

Visualisations support your writing and immerse your audience in your project.

Why use illustration and infographics

Illustrative visualisations are tools that enhance your paper’s content. They help break the monotony of the text, to give a breather to your reader and illustrate relevant ideas that assist with the understanding. They provide memorable associations between research findings and data with images. Scientific or medical illustrations, diagrams and infographics are some examples.


Infographics can also stand alone as summaries of important information of your research that could be used for communication and dissemination purposes.

Custom designs can draw attention to your articles and posts on social networks and media.



Having a conceptual illustration that incorporates general themes, ideas, subjects, objects and practices can be an establishing piece that immerses your audience in your project. This can give you branded imagery that can be used when promoting your work, but also for presentation and decoration to link together all the material that are published and disseminated. It’s a way to connect everything. Examples for this are covers, article banners and presentation slides.


Storytelling and narrative mediums like comics, graphic novels and children’s books can attract new audiences and explain complex subjects in simple and entertaining ways. They can make difficult subjects accessible and interesting for various demographics.


When to use illustration and infographics

Similar to animation, illustration and infographics can be used throughout a project for communication and dissemination. You can share objectives and intentions at the beginning of a project, progress and milestones during, and final results and conclusions.


Styles and approaches may vary depending on the chosen demographics and intended purpose.

Our team can meet any of your illustration and design needs.

• Infographics Posters

• Covers

• Comics

• Scientific Illustrations

• Concept Illustrations

Below are some infographics created for communication and dissemination purposes for an economic forecast report in Cyprus.

These infographics emphasized important points made in the research and directed the viewers to the project website. They were published on various Facebook groups and Twitter and were available for free downloading on the organisations website.. You can find more information on this project here.

Infographics for Dissemination for research report for PRIO Cyprus
Do you need more information?
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Do you need more information?

Get in touch for a free quote.


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