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Research Communication

A series of animated videos and infographics for PRIO Cyprus with the purposes of disseminating research findings and creating public engagement for the European funded report on "Delivering the Cyprus Peace Dividend".

PRIO Cyprus Centre is an independent, bi-communal research center, which is committed to research and dialogue since its inception in 2005. Its aim is to contribute to dissemination of information to the public debate on important issues relevant to the eventual settlement of the Cyprus problem.

Fiona Mullen and Anna Stylianidou (Annamations) approached one and a half to collaborate on this project. The aim was to produce a series of videos and infographics to communicate important information wide audiences based on a current financial forecast report.

The purpose was not only to provide information in simple ways, in 3 languages (English, Greek and Turkish), but to also spark conversations around these videos, and making them accessible for sharing. They were to solve the problem previously faced in similar research activities, of the findings not being accessible to the general public because of the language and format.

So we dusted of our A-level economics knowledge and studied the research, and after countless (some of which silly) questions to Fioan about what everything meant and why it was important, and many discussions on how to avoid triggering people, we managed to design and animate 3 videos of about 60 seconds each and 4 infographics.

You can learn more about PRIO Cyprus and the re[prt 'Delivering the Cyprus Peace Dividend' on their website.


Produced by: one and a half + Annamations

Animation by: Anna Stylianidou (annamations), Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Storyboard/Designs: Christina Kalli, Anna Stylianidou, Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Infographics: Victoria Varda

Sound Design: Manolis Manoli

Research: Fiona Mullen Mustafa Besim Michalis Florentiades

Prio_cyprus Peace Dividend_oh animations_infogrpahics_001
Prio_cyprus Peace Dividend_oh animations_infogrpahics_002
Prio_cyprus Peace Dividend_oh animations_infogrpahics_003
Prio_cyprus Peace Dividend_oh animations_infogrpahics_004

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