Drone Safety Animated Promo Video

//Cyprus Press and Information Office (PIO)

Promotional video

The second animation created for Cyprus Civil Aviation to promote their website to the general public and specifically drone operators on flight safety and regulations for unmanned aircraft. (With a bit of a Christmas spirit!)

The Press and Information Office (PIO) in Cyprus acts as the local Government's channel of communication with and delivering information to the public. 

Cyprus Civil Aviation Authoirity oversees the air transport industry in Cyprus. A dynamic industry which plays a crucial part within the local economy and gives access to consumers to the island.

PIO came back to one and a half to create a second animated video for Cyprus Civil Aviation for their Christmas campaign. The purpose was to promote the website and provide some basic information regarding drone safety to the public about drones safety.

This promo video uses the 2 main characters from the first animation (Drone Safety Animated Video) with a couple of Christmas surprise additions. You probably guessed that it is Santa, but did you expect Rudolph too??

We created an 30second fun and playful animation, along with flyer and roll-up banner designs.

You can learn more about the Drones Safety Campaing on their website.




Produced by: one and a half

Animation by: Alexandros Yennaris, Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Storyboard/Designs: Christina Kalli, Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Script: Ermina Dimitriou

Sound Design: Andreas Hadjipandelis (Rat)

Voice Over: Suite 16 Recording Studio

PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_001 promo
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_002 promo oh animation mograph
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_003 promotional christmas video santa
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_004 animated video promo website
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_004 animated video promo website
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_005 government video cyprus christmas santa
PIO_Drone Safety_one and a half_xmas_006 promotional informational website promo government cyprus

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