RES4LIVE - Animation for research promotion

Research Communication

Animated video for dissemination purposes, promoting the RES4LIVE research project's missions and activities to wide audiences.

RES4LIVE is project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and aims to bring into the market integrated cost effective and case sensitive Renewable Energy Sources (RES) solutions towards achieving fossil free livestock farming.

It is a consortium that involves 17 partners from 8 countries across Europe including 4 Research Organizations, 4 Universities, 6 SMEs, 1 Farm and 2 International Associations.

They were looking to create a promotional video that would stand out from the usual talking heads* video while explaining the project's aims and challenges.

We had to study the renewable energy sources processes and technology that would be applied in the research practice, and after working together with the RES4LIVE contact team, we were able to provide relevant visuals that would explain to the viewers what the project is about. 

You can learn more about the RES4LIVE project on their website.

*A talking head video is the common interview video of a person - usually an expert - talking about their work. Not so exciting right?


Produced by: one and a half

Animation by: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Storyboard/Designs: Christina Kalli, Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

RES4Live Research communication video farm and text
RES4Live Research communication animation green energy solar
RES4Live Research communication animation green energy bio
RES4Live Research communication animation partners map farms
RES4Live Research communication video green farm
RES4Live Research communication european partners logo

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