Protaras Summer Film Festival 2017

// Paralimni Youth

Animated Communication and Promotional Videos

Animations created for promoting the film festival on TV and social media, and for communicating health and safety information and guidelines to the viewers at the festival locations.

Protaras Summer Film Festival is an initiative from the Paralimni Youth Board (ΝΕΟΛΑΙΑ ΠΑΡΑΛΙΜΝΙΟΥ), which is organised annually and aims to bring blockbuster cinema to the public in the open air and under the stars.

The youth board trusted us to create a series of communication and promotional videos for TV and Social Media, delivering various festival information regarding event details, promotional competitions, health, safety and viewing guidelines (such as 'turn off your phones', 'no smoking',etc) and call for donations along with thank you messages.

We had a look at their blockbuster film lineups from the current and past years, and decided to design adaptations of some of the most memorable and recognisable characters to incorporate in compositions and little narratives. The 2017 branding was taken into consideration when we created all the designs for animation. (Branding and other graphic design aspects of the festival were created by Just Frank).

The main TV Ad concept was designed to resemble an animated poster - that is, a poster with moving elements and with the camera scrolling downards.

The Health and Safety video idea was to use the film characters in an ironic and funny way to explain the rules and regulations of the event. Our favorite is Hulk trying to contain his nerves while moving slowly in a crowd!

You can learn more about Protaras Summer Film Festival and keep up to date with future screening on their Facebook page.


Produced by: one and a half

Animation by: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half), Alexandros Yennaris

Storyboard/Designs: Christina Kalli, Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Sound Design: Manolis Manoli

oh_Protaras Summer Film Festival 7_fb image
Image taken from Protaras Film Festival Facebook Page.

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