Cyprus Game Developers

Event Promotional Video

Animation created for the Cyprus Game Developers community to promote their exhibition event on TV and Social Media.

Cyprus Game Developers is a community of local professionals and hobbyist creating and developing computer, mobile, console and even board games.

On occassion of their first games exhibition that was held in 2016, they needed a promotional video for the event, to invite the public to attend.

Having just the colours and logo as a base, and the general concept of games, we created this spacey-gamey-themed animation conveying the necessary information. (It is in Greek.)

Kinda makes you wonder what it would be like if these designs were in an actual game!

You can learn more about the Cyprus Game Developers and network with the community on their Facebook page.

Cyprus Game Developers Logo Cy Animation one and a half


Produced by: one and a half, Thelum

Animation by: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Storyboard/Designs: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Sound and VO: George Papa.

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