EMP - Evacuation Management Platform

Animated Pitch Video

Animation created for the purposes of presenting and pitching a new technology product to possible interested investors.

EMP or Evacuation Management Platform is a technological product created by Ancile Technologies which serves with assisting with the protection of civilians overseas in time of emergency.

Ancile Technologies wanted to create a video pitch that would explain to a specific expert audience the concept and capabilities of their web application. 

We worked closely with the client to clearly understand the functionality and purpose of their application, as well as the novel idea behind it. After a fair amount of meetings, drafts and revisions, we produced a concept walkthrough of their platform and explained how their solutions assisted countries and emergency responses in times of crysis. 

We are proud of the fact that our exploration of their concept and platform contributed in the decisions for the UX/UI design.

You can learn more about the EMP and Ancile Technologies on their website.

oh_Ancile Technologies logos-animation_cyprus


Produced by: one and a half

Animation by: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

Storyboard/Designs: Yiannis Philiastides (one and a half)

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