Cyprus Press and Information Office (PIO)

// Ministry of Interior -Grants, Subsidies, Incentives Schemes 2021

Informational Video

An animated video for the Ministry of Interior and PIO to inform the general public about the new local urban housing grants, subsides and incentives opportunities that rolled out in 2021.

The Press and Information Office (PIO) in Cyprus acts as the local Government's channel of communication with and delivering information to the public. 

It was in the middle of Cyprus' second lockdown when PIO got in touch to ask us if we could make these video series using animation. Their initial intentions where to have live footage of the local landscapes and actors, but the Covid-19 limitations did not allow this to materialize, so instead they needed an alternative and effective way to communicate their message.

Taking into account their initial plan to use live footage of landscapes and people, and with the subject matter being quite specific and local, we decided on a more familiar style, with simple geometry and a natural palette but hinting towards the local depiction. We wanted to give a feeling of the Cyprus mountainous villages and other locations included in the Schemes without being too specific.

We included fields with hayballs, mountain lines, secluded old built houses, village scenery with people in everyday situations. These elements appear small on the screen, almost miniature-like, but come together to give the sense we aimed for. 

But the priority for these videos, and for most informational videos, is to communicate to the target audience in a clear and simple way the intended messages. Which is why we overlayed the informational graphics over the 'pretty drawings'. 

We produced the scripts, storyboards, designs and animation for 3 videos for the different schemes and 1 Billboard design.

These videos where used by PIO for their social media and marketing campaign and where promoted through Facebook and Google Ads.

You can learn more about the Ministry of Interior Schemes on their website.

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Produced by: one and a half

Animation by: Alexandros Yennaris, Titos Agathaggelou, Yiannis Philiastides (oh)

Storyboard/Designs: Christina Kalli, Yiannis Philiastides (oh)

Sound Design: Andreas Hadjipandelis (Rat)

Voice Over: Suite 16 Recording Studio

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